Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to Bettie Medlin Stewart

Bettie Medlin was the youngest child born to Samuel and Rebecca (Morgan) Medlin. Bettie's mother, Rebecca Morgan Medlin, either died giving birth to Bettie or died shortly after she was born.  Her father, Samuel, being unable to care for an infant daughter gave Bettie away to be raised by the Barnett Richardson family.  (For more information on Bettie's life and her relationship to the Richardson family, go to a previous post about Bettie.)

Somehow with the death of her mother and being taken in by others to be raised, Bettie's birth was never recorded or remembered .  Bettie, herself, stated in a letter included in her husband's Civil War Pension Records that she did NOT KNOW her birth date or how old she actually was.  Her birth information is missing from the family bible.  Also, she usually did not give a birth year or age to the census taker. BUT, in about 1933, Bettie told her great-granddaughter, Ethel Baldwin, that her BIRTHDAY was on Febuary 14, Valentine's Day.  I feel that she personally picked Valentine's Day for her birthday since she did not know her real birthday.  So, that is the birthdate I think she should have and I have given it to her.

For years, I have listed Bettie's death date as 13 Feb 1939.  I got that date from her death certificate, or, so I thought.  But recently, Cousin Rod informed me of my error.  I had actually written down the date from the second line down, which was the date the doctor had last seen Bettie.  Bettie died at 4:00 am on Valentine's Day, 14 Feb 1939Is it a coincidence or fate or what, that Bettie died on the very date that she had privately picked for her special day and birth date?

For the little girl who never had a real birthday,
who became the fiesty grandma most of the family remembers, 
let's all wish her a  
on this day Bettie picked for her remembrance.


Burlines said...

Happy Birthday Grandma Bettie. We love you! Your great grandson Rod.

Anonymous said...

Although I never knew her, she sounds like a great lady. Glad she is one of my many-times-great-grandmas.

Anonymous said...

Happy day to a greatgrandma of mine.

Anonymous said...

How sad not to know one's own birthdate. The family should get together and throw her a big birthday party next Feb 14th.